Unfortunately there are times when trees will need to be removed for safety reasons.For example a tree may be leaning dangerously near to property or public roads.The technique involved in tree removal varies to the location and condition of the tree.If possible direct tree felling is used where appropriate with the use of wedges and can be aided with a heavy duty winch if necessary.When it is not possible to use this method the tree can be climbed using ropes and harnis, and dismantled piece by piece, and lowered safely to the ground on ropes and pulleys.If the tree is unsafe to climb a hoist can then be used for the job in hand.


This may be carried out to reduce the height and over all size of the tree.If the tree for example is beside a house and restricting light,or to leave the tree more structural stable in strong wind.It is also very important to remove any dead wood in the crown of the tree, because this can become a potential hazard for free falling branches.If the dead wood is not removed it can also lead to disease and insect infestation to the rest of the tree.


Barbers tree services can cut and reduce all types of garden hedges and shrubs including lillindii,conifers and roadside hedges.


Barbers tree services have the equipment necessary to cut and remove all trees,shrubs,overgrowth and stumps from a area.

Wood chipping

Barbers tree services can wood chip all branches and trimmings on site.The wood chipper can blow the chip into the truck for removal,or it can be left on site if required.Wood chip is great for using in garden flower beds.We always have a large supply of wood chip available in our yard for collection or delivery.Call now if you would like to place an order. 0879087979


Barbers tree services can provide a fast response when necessary to clear away fallen trees blocking roads and driveways etc.


Barbers tree services have ongoin supplies of hardwood and softwood.The fire wood is cut,split and stacked on pallets in a well ventilated shed until it drys out to %20 moister content.This is then delivered in lose trailer loads at competitive prices. Call now if you would like to place an order. 0879087979